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The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is the leading nonprofit, membership-driven business organization dedicated to creating a climate in which business can succeed by working to constantly improve the economic well-being and quality of life in Fort Collins. TDM Transport has been an active member of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce since December of 1990.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Information (FMCSA) website provides up to date information on brokers and carriers alike. Please feel free to check our information to confirm legitimacy of our organization. Our Motor Carrier number is 206729.

Click on the CDOT Logo to get current weather, road conditions, and lane closures for Colorado.

Delta Nu Alpha (DNA) is an international organization of professional men and women in all areas and at all levels of transportation and logistics. The cornerstone of DNA's success is its emphasis on education including financial assistance and mentoring for students, excellent continuing education opportunities for the work force, and vigilance in communicating changes in regulations.

The Denver Transportation Club is a non-profit corporation that contributes time, materials, money, and instructions in connection with numerous college credit-level courses in Transportation and Logistics through the Community College of Denver and stimulates public interest in legislation regulations, and other matters of importance to the transportation industry. The Club also sponsors seminars focused on transportation, stimulate public interest in transportation matters, provide scholarships, as well as many other aspects of transportation.

TDM Transport has been listed in Compunet Credit Services Gold Book of Transportation Brokers for over 16 years. The book is a listing of brokers who pay their freight bills in 30 days or less. To qualify for Gold Book status a broker must meet stringent requirements including a Surety Bond, proper federal operating authority, and freight bills paid in less than 30 days.

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Some big news for us!
As of January 1st, 2013 Sam has stepped down as President of the company and Jared had taken over her roles and responsibilities. We're still the same great company you've come to know and love over the last few decades. Nothing has changed with the great services we provide. Please feel free to drop us a line! We'll gladly help with any transportation needs you may have.